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Technology Solutions Group (TSG) delivers world-class customer-focused communication solutions. TSG offers deep expertise in consulting and systems integration services, along with ongoing management of data, telephony, and converged SIP/IP environments, comprising both cloud and premise-based operations.

With solutions that span enterprise mobility, customer self service, and customer management services, TSG’s offerings enable companies to accelerate growth and benefit from more satisfied customers, more intelligent processes, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

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TeleTech Technology Introduces New Managed Services Offerings

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Parent Company: TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

TSG and TeleTech have joined teams. In January 2013, TeleTech announced the acquisition of TSG.

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TSG has a broad base of experience across all industries. Here is a sampling of industries in which TSG has helped companies with their communications needs.



Patient care can be vastly improved by integrating and augmenting the communications capabilities at the core of your organization. Open standard TSG solutions will help you reduce costs, increase availability and connectivity, enhance efficiency and maintain security—all in compliance with government regulation.


Financial institutions must deliver a consistently satisfying communications experience to their consumer and corporate customers. TSG helps achieve this through increased network reliability and communication efficiency. TSG can also assist in regulatory compliance, network and data center consolidation and cost control.



Accessibility and responsiveness are key to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s managing an active contact center or a mobile, distributed workforce, the enhanced reliability and network resiliency offered by TSG solutions ensure that you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to serving your customers. TSG’s contact center and customer relationship management solutions can help your company optimize workflow and drive bottom line results.


Higher Education

Whether you’re in a distributed campus or a virtual learning environment, accessibility and continuity are essential. Incorporating the needs of students, faculty and families, TSG’s communications solutions focus on the requirements o today’s K-12 entities, mobile campus environments, safety needs of students and the needs of faculty and administration.



Today’s energy production and delivery networks demand more from communications technology than ever before. TSG offers robust solutions that keep energy providers connected and enable them to deliver superior customer experiences.



The insurance industry has become one of the most influential social and economic forces of modern society. As such, it is uniquely pressured by end-user and regulatory demands, dramatically underscoring the need for a smart communications platform to enable efficiency and flexibility. TSG has a long track record of supplying some of the nation’s leading insurance companies with intelligent and nimble communications solutions.