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TSG’s cloud solutions portfolio focuses on customer experience outcomes, so your company can overcome challenges and deliver a transformational customer experience. Our solutions give contact center associates tools to effectively respond to customer needs, while giving executives improved insight and control, all at a lower cost.

Leveraging the virtualized capabilities of the Avaya Aura® platform, TSG’s cloud solutions are a package of everything a company needs to operate a leading-edge contact center, with TSG Managed Services handling both the migration and the day-to-day support.

In addition to the most current version of Avaya’s powerful enterprise communications software, our Unified Communications (UC) and contact center solutions employ differentiated features that enhance the capability and flexibility of the Avaya platform.

Why Cloud?

cloud overview

Cloud contact center deployment is speedy, typically taking weeks versus 18–24 months or longer for premise-based solutions. In addition, organizations with cloud contact centers spend 27 percent less on their annual contact center costs, and achieve an 8 percent to 22 percent improvement in first contact resolution (FCR) rates. What’s more, shifting from a premise-based contact center environment to a cloud platform can free up as much as 15 percent of administrative staff and 40 percent of agent staff for other tasks and assignments, while still increasing productivity by 20 percent using the workforce management solution. Cloud contact centers allow for the utmost in flexibility, scaling up or down as needed, implementing new channels and functionality, all done in a fraction of the time and cost required by premise contact centers.


TeleTech Technology Cloud Powered by Avaya

Created to deliver comprehensive Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) solutions as a service, TeleTech Technology’s cloud portfolio is built on the industry-leading Avaya Aura Platform, providing robust enterprise functionality while leveraging the cloud’s ability to scale and add features as required.

TeleTech Technology smbCloud Powered by Avaya

Created to provide rich UC and CC capabilities for the small to mid-sized businesses looking to leverage enterprise-grade features in a simple delivery model, TeleTech Technology offers a new cloud solution suite built on the Avaya IP Office Platform, scaled for clients with as few as ten users/agents.



Paying too much for cloud?

Contact center staffing needs are not often fixed throughout the year. Call volumes, busy hours, and seasonal business needs change. And, no two contact centers operate the same way. That means that a lot of the capacity you’re paying for could go unused for long periods of time. So, why should the one day you hit your peak usage determine what you have to pay for the entire month? We don’t think it should.

What is C@P pricing?

TeleTech Technology Cloud Powered by Avaya follows a unique Concurrent Associates at Peak (C@P) pricing model. C@P reflects the true operational cost that contact centers utilize on a daily basis. We look at the number of days in the billing period and multiply that by the peak associates/ports logged each day for a given application. We then average them over the billing period to get the actual amount you will be billed.