A Made-to-Order Customer
Technology Solution

TSG designs and delivers cloud, premise and hybrid communications solutions and modernizes legacy environments to chart personalized customer experience technology strategies. Drawing on relationships with industry leaders like Avaya and Microsoft, we blend services with industry-leading hardware and software applications to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Invest in world-class contact center solutions to deliver operational excellence

Tasked with addressing customer needs through an ever-increasing variety of channels, your contact center must be equipped to deliver; and your company must be able to analyze its performance.

Avaya represents the industry standard in contact center applications. This allows TSG customers to invest in world-class contact center solutions to deliver operational excellence to their clients and maximize profit.

Today’s office is defined more by what gets done than by where it happens.

Workers need productivity tools that enable them to engage their teams in real time from anywhere. Voice over IP Telephony (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have revolutionized collaboration possibilities by interconnecting all of the ways we communicate, from traditional voice telephony and voicemail to email, chat and video conferencing.

TSG can implement and support a full suite of Unified Communications solutions powered by Avaya, empowering your workforce with team engagement capabilities that meet the demands of today’s businesses.

When you fail your associates, you fail your customers

To provide the best experience for your customers, you must start at the beginning: your customer service reps. If they’re stymied by disparate systems, multiple knowledge bases, and lack of collaboration with other departments, your customer experience will suffer. A powerful CRM solution helps you do right by your CX professionals, so they can do right by your customers.

A TeleTech Technology CRM solution delivers:

  1. Context tools empowering associates to deliver a superior CX.
  2. Integration across channels for high-touch service on your customers’ terms.
  3. Enhanced, integrated self-service.
  4. Connected back-office systems and shared knowledge bases; enabling a customer-centric corporate culture where every professional can be a customer service professional.

TeleTech Technology’s CRM solutions empower associates to deliver exceptional customer experiences through every channel, every time.

We make it easy for your company to embrace the cloud

cloud overview

Over 90 percent of companies today are using at least one cloud-based application or service. Enabling unprecedented flexibility and simplifying administration and end-user experience, it’s no wonder that cloud technologies are taking over the industry. Whatever your customer service and contact center strategy, TeleTech Technology has a one-size-fits-you solution. With Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center offerings built on the industry leading Avaya Aura® platform, TeleTech Technology makes it easy for your company to embrace the cloud

Find out more about TeleTech Cloud Powered by Avaya.

Workforce Optimization

TeleTech Technology Cloud powered by Verint WFO delivers the industry’s most robust workforce optimization platform, with unmatched functionality, simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, and intuitive interfaces and navigation – all available in cost-effective monthly subscription packages.

These two great solutions are truly a match made in the Cloud, giving you the best return on your technology investment, and the best contact center for your customers and your employees.